Audio: AG In Parliament On Cannabis Licensing

[Updated] Attorney-General & & Minister of Legal Affairs Kathy Lynn Simmons provided remarks in your home of Assembly today [Dec 11] on the “Tabling Of Cannabis Licensing Act 2020.” We will upgrade with the complete declaration as able, and in the meantime the audio is listed below.

Mr. Speaker, I am delighted to table the Expense entitled “Cannabis Licensing Act 2020″ in this Honourable Home today. This extensive Expense develops the Cannabis Licensing Authority to encourage and help the Minister accountable for drug avoidance in the guideline of a cannabis market in Bermuda. This Expense will introduce legal guideline of all such activities included– straight or supplementary– to the growing, import, export, production, sale, supply, usage or transportation of cannabis or medical cannabis or items stemmed from cannabis or medical cannabis in Bermuda.

Arrangements in the Expense will allow legal activities connecting to the cannabis plant, medical cannabis, cannabis items and cannabis– instilled foodstuff. It likewise approves tracking, assessment and enforcement powers to the regulator: The Cannabis Licensing Authority.

Mr. Speaker, the licence classifications offered within the Expense’s cannabis licensing system are–

  • a tier 1 growing licence, to permit the growing, collecting, drying, cutting or treating of cannabis for adult individual usage;
  • a tier 2 growing licence, to permit …

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