10 pop stars who have actually confessed to cigarette smoking marijuana– Video)

Today, the United Nations Company (UNO) has actually acknowledged the medical residential or commercial properties of the marijuana and gotten rid of from the list of “unsafe drugs”. Nevertheless, in each nation, to its laws concerning the legalization and Brazil is among 25 nations that took a strong stand versus the reclassification. For that reason, it remains in our list of 10 artists who have actually confessed to cigarette smoking pot, we just the names of the worldwide

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A Few Of you no doubt currently understand. However it will recognize with the stories and experiences of each other?


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It was never ever a novelty for anybody who is among vocalists that a lot of prominent of a pop like a joint. Whether it remain in videos or perhaps in the socials media, there have actually been a couple of times where it was cigarette smoking. In addition to this, it is among the champs of the day. Riri presumed regarding dress up like a bride-to-be with a green gown and an arrangement of marijuana for a Halloween celebration. In fact, it’s simpler to discover photos of her with a baseadinho the launch of the R9, does not it?

Britney Spears

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The pop princess has actually exposed her experience in the program, the british at the end of 2016. Britney is stated to have actually smoked marijuana in the last 17 years. “I needed to stop the program due to the fact that it was ‘plated’ a lot smoke in the audience”, she stated at the time. The vocalist is likewise reported to choose to unwind and take pleasure in the house life going to celebrations, due to the fact that “there are a lot of drugs included.”

Justin Timberlake

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In 2011, Justin Timberlake has actually exposed that cigarette smoking marijuana, frequently with the objective of relaxing and decreasing the brain. “The only thing that marijuana provides for me is make me stop and believe. I have actually got a brain that in some cases requires to be closed down,” he stated in an interview with the publication “Playboy”. 7 years later on, the vocalist exposed in his autobiography that he started smoking at age 13, soon after the statement of the cancellation of the program, “Club Mickey mouse”, directed by him, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling.

Miley Cyrus

Like you do not keep in mind the Music in the prime time of the period, “Bangerz”? Intentionally, she lit a joint on phase at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2013. However because the days of Hannah Montana are currently cigarette smoking, and promoted for the release of the compound. It concerned giving up cigarette smoking for rather a long time in 2017 at the earliest, however it came through the impact of his mom. And, not long after, Cyrus provided to a pal with a lot of weed.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato published a montage of Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas to bear in mind the day that they smoked marijuana together (Image: Playback/Instagram @ddlovato)

In 2015, Demi Lovato informed the world that it remained in the periods of the programs in the series. “In honour of our old, late, and I believed you would like it to bear in mind his very first breeze … have a Pleased # 420”, composed for Joe Jonas. In the assembly, Miley Cyrus, appears in the edition of “aborrecentes”. Your extremely own, Joe I had actually currently discussed how it was his very first time, “I need to have been 17 or 18 years of age. They firmly insisted that ‘attempt, attempt’, so I attempted it, and it was all great. I do not smoke more marijuana with that frequency,” he stated in a current interview with the New york city Times.

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Shawn Mendes

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In an interview with Wanderer publication in the year 2018, Shawn, Mendes, exposed, likes to smoke pot and play guitar for hours and hours and hours. It needs to be kept in mind that, in Canada, the usage is allowed. In the meantime, the reaction amongst her fans has actually not been great, and at a later chance, the vocalist declared he had actually stopped cigarette smoking for a minimum of 3 months. Genuine or phony?

Girl Gaga

In 2013, for involvement in a radio program, Gaga was discovered to be in a period of cigarette smoking, about 20 of which are based, for the day to alleviate the discomfort of a hip injury. In the documentary “Her: Five-Foot-Two” (2017) brings you the scenes from the vocalist to stop cigarette smoking: “I have actually Constantly been plated in the cars and truck with my mom,” he stated in the movie.

Justin Bieber

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A number of times, Justin Bieber has actually appeared in public to stop cigarette smoking. As it was when it concerned his release on parole in 2015, and has actually been identified by the website TMZ squeezing it a little. In his web series “the Seasons”, which was gone for the start of this year, the vocalist talks openly about the time period that he was a drug abuser, and acknowledges that he utilized marijuana, lean, euphoria, mushrooms, and “whatever else”. It guarantees that they will be eliminated from the dependency.

Selena Gomez

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According to the site TMZ, Selena Gomez invested 2 weeks in 2014, in medical facility, in a rehab center for “a number of issues, consisting of the abuse) of alcohol, marijuana, and the drug Ambien, a sedative that is utilized versus sleeping disorders. The excesses of the vocalist have actually happened in the duration of her relationship with Justin Bieber, as the 2 invested late nights at celebrations, when you and your buddies.


Madonna went to Jamaica to commemorate their 62 years of age. And after that, as a sort of “welcome,” the queen of pop published a photo where it appears that, with a little in your mouth, and holding a plate with a particular quantity of turf and a couple of leaves with silk. It was constantly connected to the exercise and the health problems, the vocalist has never ever had his name included with the drug, however you have actually currently confessed to having actually attempted it when I was more youthful.

What other stars do you understand that you like to take that in myself with a little? Compose to us!

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