Cannabis as a seed of success for Costa Rica?

Is it the seed of success for Costa Rica? In spite of the unwillingness of the nation’s president, the legalization of cannabis and its massive production has actually made its method through the nationwide parliament thanks to the decision of an independent deputy who is an agronomist. Covered by the National Institute of Development in Agricultural Innovation, Zoila María Volio wishes to benefit from the terrific financial capacity of medical cannabis.

” The job was born as an effort to make it work and to be able to produce a various crop for lots of farming cooperatives,” describes the deputy. The expense that Zoila María Volio promoted has the assistance of most of the chamber and just requires to be voted on in a plenary session. Nevertheless, it clashes with the unwillingness of the nation’s president, Carlos Alvarado, who sees the production of hemp for export well however does not see so well the legalization of medical marijuana.

Various viewpoints
A diametrically opposite position preserves the business owner Rodrigo Martín. Struggling with cancer, 2 years ago he was detected, and medical professionals informed him that he would just live 6 months:

” I have one year, I believe one year and 3 months, of not taking a single test, not a single test. I chose to live. I live every day delighted, I have lifestyle, I enjoy my life, I have buddies, a typical life, completely regular. And I owe everything, without a doubt, to God and cannabis“, he states.

Increasing need
The present international need for medical cannabis deserves nearly 6 billion dollars every year, although this quantity is anticipated to increase in the coming years to satisfy the growing requirements of the pharmaceutical market in nations such as Germany. Manna for a Costa Rican farming sector that, like the whole area, has actually been the victim this year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the recession, and the typhoons.

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