Dr. Dabber Stella

Dr. Dabber is out once again with among its most intelligent concentrate-centric vaporizers till date– The Dr. Dabber Stella. An upgrade of the strikingly effective Aurora, the Stella is a much more sensational, effective and super-efficient vaporizer set.

If you liked the Aurora, you would enjoy the Stella much more. The Stella is an exceptional piece of innovation and complete satisfaction, and it is our enjoyment to reveal you a few of the reasons this vaporizer has actually won the hearts of numerous.

Physical Functions

The Dr. Dabber made an upgrade to the award winning Aurora vaporizer set. The outcome, Dr. Dabber Stella is a remarkable piece of engineering. Like the Aurora, the Stella is smooth, classy, a little thicker and stronger than the Aurora

The external surface is made from black stainless-steel that offers the Stella a great elite appearance. However, do not be tricked, the body of the Stella is strong and can hold up to whatever drop comes its method. The Stella’s stainless-steel body is likewise a pleasure to see. Its smooth nature is even more boosted by a non-stick frame that does not keep finger prints, leaving the pen constantly looking smooth and tidy no matter the setting.

The Stella is constructed for work. This portable concentrate pen is among the very best concentrate-centric vaporizers in its class and has actually shown itself to be extremely effective and able to withstand wear and tear no matter the condition it undergoes.

For a firmer strength and long-term usage, Dr. Dabber utilized Alumina ceramic in the making of the chamber and internal core, in this manner they will not use down even after rounds of heavy usage.


The Stella is a super-efficient gadget– sterling representation of the core proficiency of professionalism and quality that Dr. Dabber has actually ended up being understood for. It is among the really leading entertainers on the marketplace today. The Stella’s efficiency is superior and this is as an outcome of an exclusive innovation called Temperature level Coefficient Resistance (aka TCR).

The TCR is what produces a constant temperature level throughout your draws. To combat the obstacle of temperature level spikes that is reminiscent with many by-the-degree vape pens, Dr. Dabber established the TCR to change the battery’s voltage based upon the style of the heating coil so that, rather of a rise of consistent power, you get the very same temperature level throughout your session without any “spikes”.

The innovative innovation makes your sessions constant while keeping the real essence of your concentrate’s product.

Practical Functions

Dr. Dabber Stella loads a couple of practical functions that deserve discussing.

  • Drifting Coil: This function is among my individual favorite. You understand how some vape pens get uncommonly too hot to hold company? Well, you will not need to experience that with the With the drifting coil, the gadget has the ability to preserve the very same space temperature level on the outdoors even when really hot on the within. The Stella’s drifting coil minimizes the ceramic chamber’s contact with the body of the vape pen assisting to focus heat on the chamber itself and not lose energy anywhere else. Balanced out air inlets within the Stella’s chamber produce a vortex-like air flow that has low draw resistance and produces delicious pulls and effective vapor production.
  • Dynamic Voltage Settings: The Dabber Stella possesses a 3 voltage settings that enables temperature level settings in between 460 and 775 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a one of a kind vibrant voltage settings that removes overheat propensities of many by-the-degree vape pens. Th voltage settings can be altered by merely pushing a button on the gadget, making this a simple to utilize concentrate vape for novices. Each voltage has actually been adjusted to carry out well with all kinds of focuses, consisting of CBD oil.


  1. The gadget is really cost efficient. Priced at under $100, this concentrate vape pen surpasses its cost.
  2. The gadget is extremely long lasting. The products utilized have the ability to hold up against the pressures of everyday usage and abuse.
  3. Single button controls make it the best pen for a novice.
  4. Correct temperature level control for an even much better experience
  5. Excellent physical style and structure


  1. It can appear a little old-fashioned as you require to fill the focuses with a little tool on your own.

Should you purchase the Dr. Dabber Stella?

We personally rank the Dr. Dabber Stella a 4.9 on a scale of 5. Such is the exceptional quality of the gadget. So, yes! We would advise that you buy the Stella. Even for the cost of less than $100, the Stella is of really exceptional quality.

Shane Dwyer
Shane Dwyer
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