The “I Am Specifying Me” Motion is Commemorating Their Shared Identity with Vice President Elect …

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” My Cannabis Wakanda is wealth, evidence-based medication, and health awareness totally brought back to a kindhearted neighborhood of the traditionally oppressed and allies.” – Dr. Ogadinma Obie

On the heels of the inauguration, the creators of “I Am Specifying Me” fuel themselves and others with the strength of their shared identity with the future VP as they go about developing health equity and generational wealth in the Black neighborhood. Experts in a range of markets, the creators have actually come together to make sure generational wealth and real health are lastly recognized for an individuals that have actually been disenfranchised considering that they showed up in this nation. And what’s more, the tool these achieved experts are utilizing is cannabis.

Hemp is of very first need to the wealth & & defense of the nation.”– Thomas Jefferson

The developers of the motion, members of the Cannabis Health Equity Motion (CHEM) and 40 Acres And A Dispensary, think that through their tactical preparation, enthusiasm, and purposeful work they can develop a “Wakanda” of sorts where the economy is constructed making use ofcannabis Dr. Angela Ledbetter, MD explains her Wakanda merely as “unity” among her individuals and she thinks that unity must be focused around “that vibranium we call cannabis“. Another leader of the motion, Dr. Ogadinma Obie, MD, explains her “Cannabis Wakanda” as “wealth, evidence-based medication, and health awareness totally brought back to a kindhearted neighborhood of the traditionally oppressed and allies”. Dr Obie thinks such a nation can be recognized with “Vice President Elect Kamala Harris and President Elect Joe Biden being the leaders that move us towards the improvement of health, wealth, and neighborhood” and the motion prepares to hold them to that relatively optimistic job.

At, the I Am Specifying Me motion is welcoming you to commemorate your shared identity with Kamala Harris, whether it be through your association with an HBCU, your Black Greek subscription, or your belief that Black individuals are worthy of the exact same health, wealth, and chances as all individuals. By commemorating your identity and making a contribution to the motion, you will get a special I Am Specifying Me clothing present of either Historical, Magnificent or One classification to happily endure Inauguration Day with your head held high in unity with our Vice President Elect. With your contributions, the developers of I Am Specifying Me will continue to broaden the work they do to:

  • BOOST INVOLVEMENT OF THE BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD IN THE FINANCIAL GAINS OF THE CANNABIS MARKET (which is anticipated to reach $130 Billion each year by 2024)

I Am Specifying Me partners prepare to help with increased market involvement by establishing academic products, experiential activities, resource assistance, labor force and entrepreneurial assistance services, and chances to affect legal reform.

  • PROMOTE CANNABIS RESEARCH STUDY AND ENHANCE HEALTH IN THE BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD (the National Institutes of Health and the United States federal government have actually acknowledged cannabis as medication, evidenced by their approval of cannabis research study applications and achievement of a patent on the natural chemicals in the plant in 1999)

I Am Specifying Me science & & research study advancement partners prepare to enhance Black health by developing and promoting cannabis research study efforts, resolving and repairing the suspect of the Black neighborhood in involvement in clinical research study, increasing Black guinea pig participation in clinical research study, imposing the requirements of ethical screening, promoting health and medical education programs, and promoting profession paths into cannabis medication and innovation amongst Black prospects.

  • BRING BACK HONOR & & A PREFERABLE PICTURE OF BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS (which has actually been wrecked by systemic bigotry and the war on drugs)

I Am Specifying Me neighborhood advancement and media partners prepare to bring back honor by developing and carrying out neighborhood financial investment efforts with regional neighborhood stakeholders and prominent leaders in medication, media & & home entertainment, sports, innovation, and politics. The I Am Specifying Me motion accepts the words of Kamala Harris: “Our unity is our strength, and variety is our power.” Through “I Resemble My VP”, the very first project of the motion, I Am Specifying Me welcomes you to join them in commemorating their varied Black identities and restoring the Black neighborhood – a neighborhood that Dr. Rachel Knox, MD thinks has “no factor to be strained by deficiency frame of minds when we concur that we need to be developing an economy that at the exact same time serves humankind. You can have both, and in my Wakanda we do have both.”

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