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ON a peaceful nation lane in Kent stands a brief row of stunning homes, each with its own drive and big garden.

By the side of the roadway, an indication points the method to a kids’s nursery. It might not be a more serene setting.

However while it may appear an ordinary scene in Middle England, the folks who call this location house have no concept that they have an unique– not to discuss questionable– neighbour.

Simply a farmer’s field away lies Britain’s most significant cannabis factory, producing weed with a yearly street worth of ₤ 80million.


2 huge greenhouses mark the area where 30,000 of the prohibited plants are grown in top-secret conditions, safeguarded by security patrols, CCTV video cameras and movement sensing units.

The lots of males and females tending the leafy plants are no gun-toting gangsters, nevertheless.

Rather, they are white-coat dressed researchers whose work is all legal.

They are workers of British company GW Pharmaceuticals, operating at the nation’s only research study center certified to grow cannabis on such an
huge scale.

It it thought to be the biggest totally legal medical cannabis– growing operation worldwide.

While the area is kept a carefully safeguarded trick, The Sun can expose it is located on a confidential commercial park.

The center is practically 3 times the size of Britain’s most significant recognized prohibited cannabis– growing operation, revealed in Bangor in 2009.

Given that it opened in 1998, the factory has actually produced around 2 million cannabis plants, the majority of which have actually been utilized for medical research study or for the production of a drug called Sativex, to assist those with numerous sclerosis (MS).

MS impacts nerves in the brain and spine, triggering issues with balance, vision and muscle motion.

Sativex was the very first cannabis– based medication to be certified in the UK. It is an oral spray which deals with the muscle tightness which affects patients. It produces no chemical high.

While the drug is readily available on the NHS in Wales, it is not in other parts of Britain due to its expense, suggesting numerous users select to spend for it independently.

Now trials are being performed to discover whether chemicals drawn out from the plants might likewise be utilized to deal with other conditions.

The company’s director of botany and growing, Dr David Potter, states: “We are evaluating youth epilepsy drug Epidiolex in America, and the outcomes are very engaging.

” We’re seeing a typical decrease of 50 percent in the variety of seizures and, sometimes, it is cut to no.”


Other possible usages for cannabis– based medications might consist of the treatment of schizophrenia and diabetes, while there are hopes Sativex might be authorized to reduce discomfort in terminal cancer clients.

As an outcome, GW Pharmaceuticals is broadening its already-huge glasshouse centers in order to manage the growing need for cannabis for medical research study.

Shockingly, in spite of the size of the center and its clinical significance, just a handful of the residents we talk to learn about the growing operation on their doorstep. Engineer Robert Gillie, 54, states: “I had definitely no concept and I have actually lived here all my life. I do not believe anybody around here understands. As long as it recommends medical functions, I have actually got no issue with it.”

Retired Glynis Chatfield, 62, states: “I’m surprised it is found here.

” I have actually heard some individuals with MS usage cannabis due to the fact that it assists with their signs however this is a better method of doing things.

” However, it’s not the example you anticipate on your doorstep.”

The factory setting, total with fans, brilliant lights, and precisely-controlled levels of fertilisers, is essential in order to produce
a consistent medical item.

Unlike street cannabis, these plants do not consist of any unsafe impurities or harmful residues.

Regardless of the peaceful area, the center is ringed with high-security fencing to stay out lawbreakers.

Cannabis is categorized as a Class B drug, with an optimal sentence of 14 years for those founded guilty of producing the drug.

In reality, difficult Office policies suggested the company needed to invest 5 months boosting website security prior to it might open.

Must any undesirable visitors make it within, movement and temperature level sensing units are primed to alert personnel, while every passage is kept under consistent video monitoring.

One regional who utilized to operate at the plant however did not want to be called, exposes that workers are likewise based on close observation. She states: “There are video cameras all over– and you need to check in with a gatekeeper.

” The greenhouses are substantial and packed with cannabis plants. To begin with it was unusual dealing with the plants around however after a while you got utilized to it.”

The company’s director of botany, Dr Potter, includes: “As soon as you remain in, it’s more like a garden centre. It’s an extremely tranquil working environment.”

Regardless of being surrounded by the plants, Dr Potter states he’s never ever been lured to try out the drug, joking: “Genuine ale is my drug of option.”

Given that the plant opened, there has actually never ever been a significant security occurrence. However any drug dealerships keen to acquire the stash may wind up dissatisfied, as around half of the 20 tonnes of dry weight cannabis grown here every year would produce no high in leisure users.


That’s due to the fact that instead of THC– an active ingredient that makes users “stoned”– the plants have actually been reproduced to be high in other chemicals, consisting of CBD, presently being investigated as a possible anti-schizophrenia medication.

Dr Potter discusses: “The thrust with leisure cannabis has actually been to pick seeds from the plants which have high THC levels.

” However we have actually returned to essentials, and have plants not simply abundant in THC, however other cannabinoids– chemicals special to cannabis.”

This variety of various chemicals is the factor cannabis– based medications can be utilized in dealing with a range of health problems. And while a few of the medications might consist of the active component of THC, the addition of CBD avoids it from having an envigorating impact.

On the other hand, high levels of THC in contemporary “skunk” cannabis— approximated to be two times as powerful as that readily available in the Sixties– are threatening to develop a psychological health catastrophe for street users.

High levels of THC can cause momentary schizophrenia-like signs such as fear, deceptions, stress and anxiety and hallucinations, with some research study recommending it can trigger long-lasting psychological issues.

While CBD chemicals can safeguard versus these results, it has actually practically disappeared from contemporary cannabis due to dealerships’ selective breeding.

Dr Potter discusses: “The THC material has actually increased, and the CBD material has actually decreased. There’s been a boost in the psychedelic component, and the one that was anti-psychotic, nature’s remedy, has actually vanished.

” So you increase your threat twofold. The real danger to psychological health in the young particularly is an issue. It’s not a soft drug.”

Criminal Activity Avoidance Minister Lynne Featherstone states: “The law permits a licence to be released, under rigorous policies, to business growing
illegal drugs such as cannabis for research study and medical functions.
Choices are made with correct regard for management of threat and security.”

A federal government representative includes: “The UK does not identify that cannabis, in its raw type, has a medical usage. There are individuals with disabling health problems who might not discover remedy for existing medication. For them, the UK does identify the medical worth of cannabis– based medication Sativex.”

My life’s altered– the discomfort has actually gone

SATIVEX client Nicky Haynes, 40, is from Rutland, Leics. She retired from her task as a council fraud-buster due to disease. Nicky states:


” I was detected with MS twenty years back, and it enormously impacted my life in all type of methods.

Sometimes I ‘d lose sensation from the waist down, or my balance would go, or I ‘d lose my taste.

However the worst was the discomfort all over my body all the time. It was agonizing.
I was likewise intolerant to all of the typical medications– they ‘d provide me hallucinations or trigger me liver issues.

So, 3 years back, I began taking Sativex and it has actually changed my lifestyle.

The discomfort is chosen the very first time in years.

And the muscle convulsions, I would state, are 80 or 90 percent lowered.

Now I can do things such as grab a glass of water without fretting it is going to trigger a convulsion.

Prior to I was dependent on my partner, or my 2 kids, to do something like that for me.

Since Sativex isn’t readily available on the NHS outside Wales, I need to invest ₤ 500 a month on my medication and it can be actually tough to discover that sort of cash.

That’s why I’m a huge advocate of the MS Society’s Reward Me Right project, which is promoting reasonable and equivalent access to treatments.”

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