These 2 Early-Stage COVID Vaccines Might Be Game-Changers

All eyes are on the leading late-stage COVID-19 vaccine prospects today. Nevertheless, there are other speculative vaccines in advancement that might likewise be on the method. In this Motley Fool Live video tape-recorded on Dec. 3, 2020, Health Care and Cannabis Bureau Chief Corinne Cardina and author Keith Speights go over 2 early-stage COVID vaccines that might be game-changers.

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Corinne Cardina: Exist any drug designers that might be earlier phases than a few of the ones we’ve pointed out that are taking a method that could be game-changing?

Keith Speights: Yeah, there are a couple that I have actually truly enjoyed, Corinne.

One I believe you and I have actually discussed in the past– Vaxart ( NASDAQ: VXRT) Vaxart has an early-stage oral tablet. The concept of having a vaccine that you simply pop a tablet, so to speak, rather of getting stuck to a needle, that would be rather interesting. Really low market cap there– listed below $1 billion. Once again, it’s early phase, however if they succeed, Vaxart might truly remove.

Another one, a little plug here, an outrageous plug. I’m dealing with a short article that ought to release on Saturday. It has to do with the dark horse to enjoy, which dark horse to enjoy in the coronavirus vaccine race, I believe, is Arcturus Therapies ( NASDAQ: ARCT)

Arcuturs has an mRNA vaccine. Pfizer and Moderna have mRNA vaccines, so we have actually currently seen that they can have an actually high effectiveness. However they have an mRNA single-dose vaccine that remains in a stage 1/2 research study.

They likewise want to have a freeze-dried variation of it readily available for stage 3 screening. You have actually got Arcturus with simply marking off all packages. Single-dose, which will be fantastic, mRNA, which appears to have extremely high effectiveness, and freeze-dried, which would resolve a few of the ultra-cold storage requirements. Arcturus is one that I truly am amazed by. I’m visiting what occurs next and see how the outcomes look.

Corinne Cardina: Keith, do you understand the ticker for Arcturus?

Keith Speights: Yeah. That’s ARCT.

Corinne Cardina: Got it.

Keith Speights: Once again, the very best method to explain Arcturus is a dark horse. They might truly come on strong if things work out.

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