(180 gram yellow starburst vinyl pushing) (2020 Black Friday Release) (LP, Vinyl record album)

LP (Product 967618) Dream, Mid 70s– Condition: New Copy

$ 24.99 …


A host of cool classics from the Dream Records brochure– consisting of some killer jazz funk produced by Larry Mizell– and more gems from the early 70s run of the label! These are tracks from an incredible time when 60s soul jazz was blending with 70s funk– and all the categories were changing highly, thanks to the efforts of brand-new genius in the studio– and an actually significant sense of discussion by the groups– that makes these cuts as lively today as they were when initially released on record! Titles consist of “Do not Leave” by Roger Glenn, “Funky Addict” by The Blackbyrds, “Whatever Counts” by David Axelrod, “Farewell As Long” by Funk Inc, “Moving Equipments” by Johnny Hammond, “Righteousness” by Merl Saunders, and the Stax Records traditional “24 Carat Black Style” by 24 Carat Black. © 1996-2020, Dusty Groove, Inc.

We understand that there are various analyses of the basic grades utilized.
for secondhand vinyl record albums & & CD, so we believed we ‘d use you the ones that we are dealing with,.
so you have a concept what we indicate when we offer the grade for a non-new product on our pages.

Utilized Vinyl Grades

Below are stated conditions for an utilized vinyl records at Dusty Groove. Grading for.
the cover ought to be presumed to be near (within a “+” or “-“)
the grading for the vinyl.
If there is considerable divergence from the condition of the vinyl, or particular defects,.
these will be kept in mind in the remarks area of the product. Nevertheless, please understand that.
given that the focus of this website is towards the music listener, our primary issue is with.
the vinyl of any utilized product we offer. Furthermore, all of our records.
are graded aesthetically; thinking about the volume of utilized vinyl we deal with, it is difficult.
for us to listen to each record. If we find any considerable defects, we make every effort.
to listen through them and keep in mind how they play.

The following grading conditions use to the vinyl part of an album or single:.


This is what it states, that the record is still hung on in shrink-wrap.
We tend to be quite suspicious about these things, so if the shrink-wrap does not.
look initial, or if the record appears to have actually gone through some damage with time,.
we’ll most likely take it out of the wrapper to make sure that it remains in good condition–.
which is why we do not have more of these. Sometimes the shrink-wrap might be.
torn in areas, however if it’s not possible the record has actually been secured and played,.
the record will still certify as “Sealed”.

Near Mint

Dirty Groove does not utilize the grades of Near Mint.
( or Mint, for that matter) due to the fact that in our experience, we discover that no records.
ever get approved for such a high grade. Even sealed records tend to have a couple of.
small faults, enough to typically certify them for a grade of NM- or lower. We have actually.
typically discovered that records which are plainly unplayed will have a minor quantity of.
surface area sound, specifically in quieter recordings.

Near Mint – (minus)

  • Black vinyl that might reveal a minor quantity of dust or dirt.
  • Need to still be extremely glossy under a light, even with small quantity of dust on surface area.
  • A couple of little marks that would make an otherwise near best record a little less so.
    These marks can not be unfathomable, and must just be surface area marks that will not impact play,.
    however may diminish the appearances.
  • Might have some defects and staining in the vinyl, however just those that would be.
    intrinsic to the pushing. These must vanish when the record is slanted under.
    the light, and will just appear when looking directly at the record.
    ( Buddah and ABC pressings from the 70’s are a fine example of this.).
  • Might have some small marks from aging of the paper sleeve on the vinyl.
  • Possible small surface area sound when played.

Great + (plus)

  • Vinyl ought to be spick-and-span, however can have less radiance than near mint.
  • Need to still shine under a light, however a couple of marks might appear when slanted.
  • Can have a couple of little marks that might appear quickly, however which do not impact play at all. A lot of marks of this quality will vanish when the record is slanted, and will not be felt with the back of a fingernail.
  • This is the type of record that will play “near mint”, however which will have.
    some indications of usage (although not significant ones).
  • Might have small surface area sound when played.


  • Vinyl can have some dirt, however absolutely nothing significant.
  • Might not shine under light, however must still be quite tidy,.
    and not too unclean.
  • Might have a variety of marks (5 to 10 at the majority of), and apparent indications of play,.
    however never ever a huge cluster of them, or any significant mark that would be extremely deep.
    A lot of marks must still not click under a fingernail.
  • Might not look near best, however must play relatively well,.
    with small surface area sound, and the periodic click in part of a tune,.
    however never ever throughout an entire tune or more.
  • This is plainly a copy that was played by somebody a variety of times,.
    however which might likewise be an excellent “play copy” for somebody brand-new.

Great – (minus)

  • Vinyl might be unclean, and can do not have a reasonable quantity of radiance.
  • Vinyl can have a variety of marks, either in clusters or smaller sized quantities, however much deeper.
  • This is the type of record that you ‘d purchase to play,.
    however not due to the fact that it looked that fantastic. Still, the defects must be mainly cosmetic,.
    with absolutely nothing unfathomable that would destroy the general record.
  • Examples consist of a record that has actually been kept for a while in a.
    cover without the paper sleeve, or greatly played by a previous owner.
    and has some marks throughout the surface area. The record ought to play all right,.
    though most likely with surface area sound.

Great + (plus)

  • Vinyl might be unclean, or have one exceptional defect,.
    such as a light residue, which might be tough to tidy.
  • Might have marks on all parts, a lot of to certify as Great-,.
    or numerous much deeper marks, however the record ought to still be okay for play without skips.
  • In basic, this is a record that was played a reasonable quantity,.
    and managed without care. A case in point might be a record which has.
    been greatly played by a DJ, and brings marks from slip cueing.
    Depending upon the quality of the vinyl, might have fun with surface area sound throughout.


  • A record that you ‘d purchase to play, low-cost, however which you would not purchase for gathering.
  • Will have marks throughout all parts of the playing surface area,.
    and will more than likely have fun with surface area sound throughout.
    Might have some other considerable defects, such as residue, or a track that avoids.
  • In many cases, a bad quality copy of an extremely tough to discover record.


This is a grade we seldom utilize, as we attempt not to offer records.
in extremely bad condition, though in some unusual cases we will note a.
record in such bad shape that it does not adhere to the requirements above.
A “Fair” record will have adequate marks or considerable defects that it.
does not even certify as “Great”, however is a copy you may think about.
for playing, if you want to endure sound and/or defects.
An example may be a recording with surface area sound so heavy that.
it amounts to the volume of the music. For records noted as “Fair”,.
we will explain the level of the condition in the remarks.


Like “Fair”, we seldom list records in this condition,.
as they represent the severe low end of spectrum.
These records normally have numerous severe issues,.
and we provide them as “antiques” or “things” just– for.
those who wish to a minimum of have a copy of a record,.
even if it is not truly deserving of play, possibly for the cover alone.
For these records, we will explain the level of the condition in the remarks.

Extra Marks & & Notes

If something is notable, we attempt to note it in the remarks– specifically.
if it is a curiosity that is the only incorrect aspect of the record.
This may consist of, however isn’t restricted to, distorted records, tracks that avoid,.
cover damage or use as kept in mind above, or strictly cosmetic defects.

Utilized CD Grade

We have just one grade for non-new CDs at Dusty Groove– “Utilized CD”.
This grade is rather all-inclusive, however we select it due to the fact that we attempt to use.
Utilized CDs in the very best shape possible.

When you acquire an Utilized CD you can anticipate the disc to be without all however the.
lightest of surface area marks, the case to be tidy (we typically alter the cases ourselves),.
and the pamphlet to be in excellent shape.
Utilized CDs might reveal some indications of usage however if there are considerable information or.
problems we will note them beneath the product– similar to we finish with LPs–.
so look there for notes on cutout marks, sticker labels, promotion stamps or other information.

All of our Utilized CDs are ensured to play without avoiding or defects.
If you acquire an Utilized CD from Dusty Groove, you have 1 week to play it to identify.
that it plays properly–.
and if it does not, then you might return it for a complete refund.

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