Big quantity of marijuana discovered in guy’s cars and truck

A young Gladstone guy discovered with a substantial quantity of marijuana informed authorities he felt risky around them and didn’t need to respond to any concerns.

Samuel Christian Noonan performed his right to silence on May 24 after he was stopped while driving on Tank St and had his cars and truck browsed.

In the boot of the cars and truck was 115.4 g of marijuana and a cone piece.

When authorities revealed Noonan the products situated he stated “no remark.”

Noonan, 22, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on December 8 to having unsafe drugs and a utensil.

Defence attorney Jun Pepito informed the court Noonan had actually remained in a mishap in June which had actually postponed procedures.

He stated Noonan was expected to take a task as a hydroblaster however that failed and he had actually been recuperating given that.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey stated he thought Noonan might have some concerns going on due to the bigger than normal quantity of drugs discovered.

Noonan was put on 12 months’ probation and spared a criminal conviction.

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