Discover more About Our VSPR Cartridges

Take in happiness with our high strength, THC extract cartridges. VSPR cartridges are created at our production center in Worcester with strain-specific terpenes to make the most of strain-specific entourage results– and the unique tastes that occur with them.

Our extract is drawn out with ethanol, which protects the complete spectrum taste of the cannabis and is made from just pure extract without any Propylene Glycol (PG) or Veggie Glycerin (VG).

Whether you wish to begin explore vapor or you’re on the go, there’s absolutely nothing much better than a fast vape hit! Pre-filled cannabis– instilled vapor cartridges are easy to utilize. All you need to do is screw the cartridge into a suitable battery and voila! Tidy, simple, and offered in a range of tastes– can it get any much better?

To assist you select your favored cartridge stress, do not forget the distinction in results based upon the kind of cannabis plant– indica, sativa or hybrid. Here’s a suggestion according to Leafly, among the most popular business supplying cannabis education and resources:

  • Indica pressures are understood to be physically sedating, best for unwinding with a motion picture or as a nightcap prior to bed.
  • Sativa pressures are emerging with boosting cerebral results that match well with exercise, celebrations, and innovative tasks.
  • Hybrid pressures are a balance of both indica and sativa results.

The 4 primary marijuana-infused VSPR cartridges that we usually bring in our Massachusetts dispensaries are:

  • Banana Kush (BK): This fruity, indica-dominant mix has a fresh banana taste that assists increase joy, imagination, and attention.
  • Blue Dream (BD): Blue Dream is a sweet, sativa-dominant hybrid, popular for daytime usage due to the fact that of it’s relaxing, innovative blissful results.
  • Granddaddy Purple (GP): GDP is an indica from California with deep purple flowers. Its sweet, grape/berry taste produces an effective stress with delighted, relaxing results.
  • Headband (HB): Headband is an earthy, diesel, pungent stress with uplifting results affecting imagination. Results are lasting however begun gradually.

Our group likewise produces unique VSPR pressures that are just offered for a minimal time in a minimal supply (LTD). Here are a couple of LTD vape cartridges we have actually had in stock in the past:

  • White Widow: This well balanced hybrid is best for getting things done. With natural and earthy pine tastes, white widow provides a burst of ecstasy and energy.
  • Limoncello: This is the best stress for an uplifting experience. Limoncello has a strong citrus fragrance, supplying energetica results. Its tasty, pine and pper notes will leave you desiring dessert!
  • Strawberry Shortcake: A sativa dominant hybrid with a tasty berry taste. Uplifing, friendly results reported to leave you delighted, innovative, inspired and focused– stated to be helpful for signs of persistent tension, ADD or ADHD, anxiety, persistent tiredness.

Inspect our menus to see what vape cart choices we have in stock at your regional Temescal Health cannabis shop.

Disclaimer: Accessibility of items might differ. The term “marijuana-infused” suggests the like “cannabis– instilled” when describing our items.

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