Havn Life Sciences Undertakes Among the First Preclinical Research Studies on Psilocybin and the Body Immune System

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December 14th, 2020


Havn Life Sciences Inc. (CSE: HAVN) (FSE: 5NP) (” Havn Life”), a Canadian biotechnology business pursuing standardized extraction of psychedelic substances, the advancement of natural health care items, is delighted to reveal the very first preclinical research study to concentrate on the results of psilocybin on the body immune system, in collaboration with Dr. Geoffrey Bove, Dr. David Mokler and Susan Chapelle, eMBA.

The Business’s science department, Havn Research study, is carrying out a research study to figure out if a single dosage of psilocybin extract can affect the body’s inflammatory reaction and control the human body immune system.

The Havn Life group will start this preclinical research study in Q1 2021. This research study is the primary step needed to submit an application for the advancement of psilocybin shipment techniques that might attend to inflammatory and immune illness such as arthritis.

Vic Neufeld, Executive Chairman of Havn Life specified: “We are enormously thrilled about the possible to speed up drug discovery and client access to psilocybin based substances. Upon conclusion of this preliminary stage, the Havn Life group will have taken the primary step on its journey towards market permission of brand-new medications. We mean to pursue the filing of an FDA application for psilocybin-based shipment techniques, which might eventually result in brand-new drug discovery. To date, very little research study has actually been done on psilocybin and its results on human resistance, which is a location that has actually ended up being increasingly more essential.”

Although there is conversation associated to the possible results of psilocybin on swelling, there has actually been no research study on psilocybin’s influence on the body immune system. This will be the among the very first research studies to measure the results of psilocybin on the body immune system and will likewise compare the distinctions in how psilocybin impacts the body immune system in between the sexes.

” This is an interesting brand-new application for psilocybin that has actually not yet been investigated. The work is vital to comprehending the security profile of psilocybin and establishing medications to assist support human health,” states Susan Chapelle. “The findings might result in considerable discoveries in the treatments of inflammatory illness that have an extensive unfavorable impact on numerous, such as discomfort, neuropathy and arthritis.”

About the Research Study

The Havn Life research study will be performed in the United States at Dr. Bove’s biomedical centre, in Maine.

The primary scientists will be Physician Geoffrey Bove, Medical Professional David Mokler, and Susan Chapelle, EVP of Research Study and Advancement at Havn Life, who each have substantial scientific experience in injury recovery, discomfort receptors, psychedelic and pharmacology research study. They collectively released a term paper on post-operative adhesions in 2017. The research study findings prepared for additional research study on mechanical and pharmacologic methods for post-operative.

Medical Professional Mokler, is a consultant for Havn Life and has a double doctorate Pharmacology/Toxicology and Neurosciences from Michigan State University. His research study, moneyed by the National Institute of Mental Health, concentrates on the limbic (emotion/behavior) system of the brain, and the function of serotonin in the limbic system.

Susan Chapelle, eMBA is a professional in injury recovery and has actually co-authored 6 publications in peer examined journals. She is a noted global Keynote Speaker and market specialist on research study, science education, city improvement, cannabis and psychedelics policy, and innovation combinations.

Geoffrey Bove, DC PhD is a profession neurobiologist and chiropractic practitioner who looks into discomfort systems, specifically as associated to physical medical diagnosis and manual treatments. He has actually been individually moneyed by the National Institutes of Health and other organizations for thirty years. Formerly professors at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Bove performs research study at his personal lab, Bove Consulting.

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