Hold Up! Is the War on Drugs a Conservative Issue?

is weed a conservative issue

The House recently voted on the MORE Act – and passed it. This is not news. I reported that they would probably pass the bill in the House, but that it would stall on the Senate Floor. While newspapers made these amazing claims about ending the “federal war on marijuana” – the truth is, that the federal government is still rocking to the tune of the War on Drugs!

However, there was something that caught my attention. Some people tried to blame the war on drugs on “conservatives” and while I am no conservative by the stretch of the imagination – I have to come to the defense of conservatives.

NO – the War on Drugs most certainly is NOT a conservative issue. Don’t let these political swindlers convince you any other way. The fact of the matter is that the War on Drugs is entirely a bipartisan issue and even President Elect Joe Biden forged his career on “tough on non-crimes” aka “drugs”.

Why are people claiming that the Drug War is conservative?

This claim comes from the House Vote where only five republicans voted in favor of the bill. This was enough to pass the bill, but critics claim that because most Republicans voted against or abstained, that the issue is intrinsically a “conservative issue”.

The problem with this claim is that only in the past 3-5 years have we seen an increase in interest in legalizing cannabis. This doesn’t even address a fraction of the problems of what the drug was have caused – but seeing that America is legalizing weed state-by-state, politicians quickly began changing their stance on drugs.

Obama had the opportunity and the public support to legalize cannabis without much political flak – except he didn’t. In fact, Obama raided more dispensaries than Bush in his first term as President. Is Obama a conservative?

Oh – it’s only a conservative issue when it’s convenient? Got it!

Why are politicians driving a wedge in between people?

This is probably one of the scariest things about global politics these days – tribalism. Politicians are riding the wave of polarization thinking it’s good for them to gain supporters. While this is true in the short term, the long-term ramifications could be detrimental to peace and stability in the US.

I personally believe that a vast majority of folks in the US are actually more “centrists” in their core. Yet what we’re hearing are the vocal minority clogging up all information channels. Social Media increased instances of “isolationism” in the sense that people want to “cancel anything they don’t like” as opposed to engaging with the content and proving that it is “subpar”.

Cancel Culture in essence is modern day “book burning” and those who want to punch Nazis behave more like fascists than the alleged Nazis they are punching.

On the other hand, you’ve got bigots running around clamoring for a time that is arguably one of the dumbest and bloodiest periods of human history.

It seems that Steeler’s Wheels’ song was a prophecy seeing that there are “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…”

The media, politicians are pandering to the divide thinking that this is how they secure their political standings. Accept, what happens when they push it too far? What happens when some of the “vocal minorities” begin to act up?

Are the politicians going to call for martial law? Are they going to pass laws that will infringe on your personal liberty some more? Probably.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to become a “free thinker”. Critical thinking has never been more in demand than today because you’ll hear people talk about how “marijuana prohibition is a conservative thing” when in reality – it’s a government thing.

It’s not Left or Right – It’s the Policy that’s wrong

Don’t get caught up in political shitfuckery – it’s stupid. They simply want you to wear a “team shirt” and fight the opposition without thinking about anything. This way, they can force their ideas and turn their shitfuckery into law.

It’s time we remove the “political cap” and slip into some logic and reason. It’s time we look at policy not party. It’s time we remind these politicians that they actually work for us – not the other way around.

The War on Drugs is fundamentally wrong since it challenges your sovereignty over your own body. If a government exists to protect the individual’s right – the CSA is far worse for Americans than any terror attack.

In fact, the CSA has turned law abiding citizens – typically minorities – into criminals simply because they chose to alter their consciousness with a substance. It’s not about left or right – it’s time to start looking at the root causes and making the changes.

In fact, one of the Republicans that voted in favor had the best solution, in fact – here’s a snippet on what he said;

“The MORE Act is flawed; it uses cannabis policy to do a great deal of social engineering to create new taxes and new programs and redistribution of assets. But I am here as the only Republican co-sponsor of the MORE Act, and I’m voting for it because the federal government has lied to the people of this country about marijuana for a generation,” he said.

“We have seen a generation, particularly of black and brown youth, locked up for offenses that should not have resulted in any incarceration whatsoever. I’m also deeply troubled that the current policy the federal government inhibits research into cannabis, research that could unlock cures and help people live better lives. My Republican colleagues today will make a number of arguments against this bill, but those arguments are overwhelmingly losing with the American people,” he continued. – Matt Gaetz

Denver Riggleman summed it up the best;

The MORE Act is not perfect, but it does address problems related to federal marijuana policy,” he said. “Federal marijuana policy is filled with issues and inconsistencies. I don’t know why we can’t draft a simple one-page bill that de-schedules marijuana and delegates this authority to the states.”







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