How to Make Kief Tea

What is Kief?

We talk about kief at length in other articles on our site but for a quick refresher what we call “kief” is the bit of powdery crystal that falls away from the cannabis bud after it’s been agitated. If you’ve ever used a weed grinder with a kief collecting screen at the bottom then you know what we’re talking about – The dusty material left at the bottom? That’s kief.

Kief can be used in a wide variety of applications, from making hashish to being used in edibles, but trying to ingest your kief raw isn’t likely to do you much good. The reason for this is a process called “decarboxylation”, or “decarbing”. In it’s natural state, the cannabis plant does not contain THC – It instead contains THCA, a chemical that, on it’s own, won’t get you high.

When THCA is exposed to heat over time it turns into THC, which has psychoactive properties; this means that if you just eat marijuana (or kief) in it’s raw state, you’re likely to be left disappointed if you were looking for a buzz.

Can I Add Kief to My Tea?

Well, you certainly can, but whether or not this fashion of “kief tea” will get you what you’re looking for is a whole other topic. Again, all cannabis must go through a decarbing process before it becomes “active” – Without being decarbed, kief simply cannot get you high.

But how much heat do you need to decarb kief? Well… this is a tricky topic with a fairly uncertain answer. But what we can say for sure is that you need more than the average cup of tea will provide. Way more.

As we said above, decarbing is the process of exposing THCA to heat over time in order to transform it into THC – Key words: “over time”. Outside of literally lighting it on fire and inhaling the smoke (as per the traditional methods), decarbing your cannabis requires a steady temperature at a length of no less than 30 to 45 minutes, often in excess of an hour. Your cup of tea sitting on the counter will not maintain a temperature that high for long enough to matter.

What this means is that any advice you’ve read on the internet telling you it’s ok to just throw a spoonful of kief into your tea is not going to work. Sorry to say. Without being decarbed, cannabis cannot and will not get you the buzz you’re likely seeking, so save yourself the time, effort, and wasted kief; “kief tea” made with raw kief will probably leave you sober and very disappointed.

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