Kolab Project Introduces Cannabis-Infused Cherry Cola Pop Milk Chocolates

TORONTO – The holiday season is typically a time to celebrate and reconnect with friends and family. This holiday season, however, is going to look a lot different and many Canadians will be turning to the memories of past celebrations for comfort and joy. It’s in this spirit of nostalgia that Kolab Project is introducing a new, multisensory, flavour-first cannabis edible product – Cherry Cola Pop milk chocolates. Kolab Project Cherry Cola Pop combines premium cannabis distillate, creamy milk chocolate, classic cola flavouring and black-cherry popping candy for a unique experience with every bite. Kolab Project Cherry Cola Pop is available to order for provincial wholesalers across Canada, and is available in stores now in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Kolab Project is a cannabis brand owned and operated by Auxly Cannabis Group (TSX.V – XLY) (“Auxly”).

“We created Cherry Cola Pop for the Kolab Project consumer who is looking for a unique experience that has a layer of familiarity,” said Peter Crooks, Chief Product Innovation Office, Auxly. “Popping candy is a throwback and our team was inspired to evoke the sentimentality associated with carbonated confections of the past. The real differentiator for this product is the recruitment of additional senses. The sound of the popping candy brings an auditory element to the tactile sensation of popping on the palette. This has been one of the most fun products to design and develop – it’s quite a technical accomplishment by our team and we’re confident that consumers will deem it well worth the effort. In order to gain the full effect of the popping candy, consumers are encouraged to let the milk chocolate melt in their mouths, and then allow the pressurized carbon dioxide to escape from the candy, which creates the satisfying sizzling pop.”


“Consumers are looking to treat themselves during this time, which typically correlates with a spike in confectionary sales,” said Brad Canario, Brand Director, Auxly. “With Kolab Project Cherry Cola Pop, we wanted to make sure we were launching a new treat for consumers during the most relevant time for indulgence. In a sea of traditional chocolate flavours, we’re delighted to offer something wholly unique in the cannabis edibles market. Kolab Project Cherry Cola Pop is perfect for a trip down memory lane this holiday season.”

Kolab Project Cherry Cola Pop was developed and manufactured in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, under the direction of Peter Crooks, Chief Product Innovation Officer at Auxly. Cherry Cola Pop is made with natural cola and cherry flavours, popping candy, a traceable 41% cocoa milk chocolate sourced from Ivory Coast, and 10 mg of high-purity THC. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a high-quality, consistent dosage with every use.

About Kolab Project
Kolab Project is a cannabis brand, wholly owned by Auxly Cannabis Group Inc., that aims to connect with those actively in the cannabis category that have an appreciation for the positive impact that art, culture and design have on humanity. Kolab Project cannabis products, available at licensed cannabis retailers across Canada, include premium pre-rolls, vapes and soft chews. Visit us at kolabproject.com

About Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. (TSX.V: XLY)
Auxly is an international cannabis company dedicated to bringing innovative, effective, and high-quality cannabis products to the medical, wellness and adult-use markets. Auxly’s experienced team of industry first-movers and enterprising visionaries have secured a diversified supply of raw cannabis, strong clinical, scientific, and operating capabilities and leading research and development infrastructure in order to create trusted products and brands in an expanding global market. Learn more at www.auxly.com

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