One Action Closer to Marijuana Legalization

More momentum in the legalized marijuana sector … another mainstream business welcomes bitcoin … prepare yourself for flying taxis

Lots taking place in the news. So, in today’s Digest, let’s bounce around to a handful of stories impacting your portfolio.

*** COVID-19 vaccinations are slated to start today, marking a historical pivotal moment in the coronavirus fight

Pfizer started delivering its vaccine last night. Approximately 145 U.S. medical facilities remain in line to get dosages today, with 425 more tomorrow and another 66 on Wednesday.

Pfizer anticipates 25 million dosages will be offered by the end of the month. We’re likewise searching for the Moderna vaccine to be authorized later on today, which would press that number even greater.

In general, expectations are for 100 million Americans, or almost a 3rd of our nation, to be inoculated by February or March. The hope is we ‘d see a public shot by summer season.

Regarding the financial investment ramifications of this, as we have actually kept in mind here in the Digest, this barely suggests the “work-from-home” trade is done. However it does suggest it’s time to start taking a look at those stocks that will holler as the economy resumes.

Our thematic specialist, Matt McCall, calls this “the distance trade.”

Here he is to discuss:

The distance trade suggests purchasing premium companies that got hammered due to the fact that of distancing however can flourish as we begin returning …

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