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( CNN)– “Yup, life’s a tradeoff,” Susan Sarandon informs co-star Julia Roberts while cigarette smoking weed in the 1998 tearjerker “Action Mother.” In the movie, Sarandon plays a female passing away of cancer while having a hard time to accept leaving her kids to the much more youthful, much hipper lady her ex-husband wed.

” It’s lastly legal to smoke dope, however you have actually got to have cancer,” Sarandon states, breathing out a puff of smoke.

Like lots of people experiencing cancer, Sarandon’s character utilized weed to alleviate a few of the discomfort of her illness and the queasiness that treatment typically brings.

” Definitely here in the United States, this has actually ended up being a significant subject of interest, based upon anecdotal reports where individuals state, ‘You understand, as a cancer client I feel much better when I utilize cannabis,’ or CBD or whatever the item may be,” stated Dr. J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society.

However a brand-new evaluation of research studies performed in Europe is calling into question the capability of marijuana to really attend to cancer discomfort.

Released Monday in the journal BMJ, scientists evaluated 6 randomized control trials– the gold requirement of research study– of almost 1,500 cancer clients in the UK and Europe. The research studies compared the discomfort levels of cancer clients on opioid treatment when they included cannabis for extra discomfort control to comparable groups who were provided a placebo rather.

The analysis discovered no modification in typical discomfort strength in between individuals who utilized cannabis and those who took dummy tablets, for that reason “this systemic evaluation supplies excellent proof that cannabinoids do not have a function in cancer-related discomfort,” the research study authors specified.

In addition, a couple of cannabis users experienced adverse effects sometimes serious enough to trigger dropout from the research studies. Noted adverse effects consisted of lightheadedness, queasiness, throwing up, tiredness and drowsiness.

The research study authors’ conclusion: cannabinoids can not be suggested to deal with cancer-related discomfort.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, charged with controling whatever from sleep to cravings to swelling to discomfort and more. According to the Alcohol Substance Abuse Institute, 66 of the 480 natural elements of the marijuana plant are categorized as cannabinoids; the most popular, naturally, are CBD and THC.

The research study authors likewise stated their conclusion was devoid of a high danger of predisposition, therefore making the credibility of their clinical conclusion more powerful.

The research studies in the evaluation do bring additional reliability, and for that reason less predisposition, Lichtenfeld stated, since the cannabis utilized was from nations where cannabis quality assurance is extremely managed. In the United States, he stated, it is not.

” If you go to a store that offers cannabis in the United States, you have no assurance, no service warranty, that what you utilize today will be precisely the like what you may utilize a week or 2 from now,” he stated. “There’s no standardization of the item.”

Morgan Fox, media relations director for the trade company National Cannabis Market Association, informed CNN that the research study need to not be “interpreted as reason to restrict client access to cannabis in any method,” although it contributes to the existing understanding base and “will ideally assist scientists, doctors and clients make more educated choices about whether and how to incorporate medical cannabis into their treatment routines.”

She indicated the difficultly scientists deal with in studying cannabis in the United States due to the extreme policy of marijuana— still on the list of federally managed compounds– and stated that cannabis requires to be gotten rid of from the list so that “barriers to research study can be gotten rid of.”

More research study on the function of cannabis in cancer is significantly required, Lichtenfeld stated, however included that this brand-new analysis of randomized regulated trials supplies “excellent proof that cannabis is not a video game changer.”

” It’s not a magic drug that is unexpectedly going to alter the face of cancer discomfort for lots of cancer clients,” he stated.

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