Coast mum claims marijuana plants ‘appeared’ in lawn

A Coast mum busted with more than 20 marijuana plants declared she grew the drug after it kept “turning up arbitrarily” in her yard.

Deborah Louise Mountford, 47, was charged late last month after authorities revealed 21 plants in the yard of her Warana house.

The plants differed in size from seedlings to a 1m plant being propped up in a veggie garden.

The bulk had to do with 13cm and kept in pots.

The court heard Mountford was at a good friend’s home throughout the search, however authorities apprehended her teenage boy who informed them the plants were hers.

Mountford later on participated in the Kawana Police headquarters and confessed to owning and growing the plants.

After a “terrible” year, Mountford was having a hard time to sleep, and a coworker had actually informed her the drug would assist, the court heard.

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Marijuana plants were “turning up arbitrarily” in her garden, and while she had actually formerly been getting rid of them, she chose to let them grow and watered them after discovering they would assist her sleep.

Mountford’s defence legal representative informed the court Mountford’s partner and father had actually passed away given that the start of the year.

The court heard she had actually not seen a medical professional prior to treating her sleeping issue with the drug, however she had actually now stopped and was looking for medical treatment.

Mountford, who operates at a regional fruit store, was …

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