This is Pressure Jeopardy– a homage to Alex Trebek

This is Pressure Jeopardy– a homage to Alex Trebek|Leafly


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Alex Trebek had an unfaltering smile. He likewise had 6 or two Emmy’s, a Guiness world record, and a Peabody. He’s a Hall of Famer and has a Life Time Accomplishment Award. There’s more I make sure, however I’m a Jeopardy fan in grieving attempting to compose from memory.

Trebek passed away on November 8th, 2020. He was 80 years of ages. Did he smoke weed? I do not understand. I hope he did, a minimum of to handle discomfort throughout his cancer fight.

His legendary, decades-long run as the host of Jeopardy still had episodes to air when he passed away, and now, Jeopardy fans the world over are tuning in each night, holding on his every subtle quip and enjoying pure pleasure when he states “you’re ideal!”

As I enjoy these episodes, I’m struck by his steadfastness. If he understood he will catch pancreatic cancer, he sure does not reveal it. His gentlemanly swagger is on full-soothe like the real legend he is.

At Leafly, our most sincere devotion to anybody or anything this renowned is a stress list, so …

This one’s for Alex Trebek.

Here’s your very first hint.

A male who’s an unassailable shoo-in for the Mount Rushmore of video game reveal hosts, or, a series on a video game reveal that pits winners versus each other to crown the winningest. It’s likewise a chillout stress with a 1:1 ratio of THC: CBD.

What is:


You’re on the board. Next hint.

Alex Trebek is to after-work nights what this renowned drink is to breakfast. We choose the stress variation’s pleasant mid-level buzz, more secure to take pleasure in throughout the day every day.

mimosa marijuana strain
Mimosa. (Maven Genes)

What is:


This video game is warming up. Hint time.

It might be a Daily Double. It might be mispronouncing a word in Jeopardy’s second round. It’s likewise a blissful, limonene-dominant, 60/40 indica-heavy hybrid plausibly called for its capability to pivot state of minds.

What is:

Video Game Changer

For $600.

A pressure for the surprise ending on Jeopardy’s second-ever episode, happening once again just a handful of times in 35+ years. A quick stage of cerebral sizzle, like this flower’s noted results.

( melazerg/iStock)

What is:

3X Crazy

Lastly, in honor of the year that required countless individuals to enjoy more Jeopardy than they typically would. Skyrocketing need, a popular culture icon, a trustworthy, feel-good experience. Legend for legend.

What is:

Leafly Pressure of the Year 2020– Runtz

” It was a great video game. I hope you enjoyed it,” he would state to the gamers, constantly in earnest.

Alex Trebek’s last Jeopardy episode will air on Christmas Day. An elegant exit and a present for all of us. It’s been a great video game, Trebek (I state to myself in Sean Connery’s voice). We have enjoyed it.

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