Pressures comparable to the 2020 Leafly Pressure of the Year

Pressures comparable to the 2020 Leafly Pressure of the Year|Leafly


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Runtz took the leading reward of Pressure of the Year at Leafly in 2020. Now, it’s time to shed some light on weed pressures comparable to Runtz, and motivate your inner stress chaser.

The entourage impact: when the mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other substances in a weed stress interact to produce particular impacts.

To produce this list, we pulled information from Leafly’s laboratory partners, who evaluate weed pressures in legal markets all throughout the nation. Each of the 5 we picked have a comparable chemical makeup to Runtz, however included their own unique surprises and subtleties thanks to the entourage impact.

Delight in these associated pressures or submit the details away in your stress journal, so you’ll constantly remember their resemblances and distinctions.


The Leafly Pressure of the Year 2020 is– Runtz!

Bubba Kush

bubba kush marijuana strain
Bubba Kush. (Leafly)

Bubba Kush is extremely comparable to Runtz, chemically speaking. Both have the exact same dominant terpenes– caryophyllene and limonene– and comparable levels of THC.

However one puff of Bubba Kush and you’ll taste its OG Kush genes: sweet hash tastes and a traditional indica relaxation that’ll make you wish to sink into the sofa and most likely sleep. This remains in plain contrast to Runtz, understood for its sweet tastes and uplifting, talkative impact.

The essential distinction may depend on the subtle quantities of myrcene in Bubba, a terpene understood for its peaceful impacts, and one typical to many Kushes.


gsc marijuana strain
GSC. (Leafly)

If you took a look at the runners-up to Pressure of the Year, you understand that cigarette smokers liked the sweet GSC, or Cookies, in 2020.

Cookies remains in the family tree of Gelato, among the moms and dads of Runtz, so it makes good sense that it has a comparable chemical profile. No doubt, a few of the sweet, smooth, and velvety tastes of Runtz can be traced back to Cookies. Particularly considering that both are understood for their relaxed, uplifting impacts.

Like Runtz, Cookies is dominant in terpenes caryophyllene and limonene however varies in its quantity of humulene. GSC likewise has a few of the cannabinoid CBG in it, perhaps offering a distinct twist to its impacts.


Leading pressures of 2020: Runners-up to Pressure of the Year

Initial Glue

original glue marijuana strain
Initial Glue. (Leafly)

Initial Glue, or GG4, is a little bit of a curveball on this list. It has a comparable terpene and cannabinoid profile to Runtz, however any cigarette smoker will inform you that GG4 tastes absolutely nothing like Runtz. Understood for its sharp diesel taste with tips of chocolate, the sweet, fruity Runtz does not even come close to a glue in taste.

So how are they so comparable? The taste might be various, however there’s something to be stated about impacts. Both are understood for their unwinded, pleased, and uplifting feel, so even if they do not taste the exact same, possibly the substances in both make cigarette smokers feel comparable.


gelato marijuana strain
Gelato. (Leafly)

Among the moms and dads of Runtz– and 2018’s Pressure of the Year– Gelato crosses Sundown Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. Handing down the Cookies family tree, Runtz undoubtedly gets its sweet, velvety smoke from this dessert stress.

Gelato has a bit of the terpene humulene in it and it might not be as fruity as Runtz, however with strong pleased and uplifting impacts, if you like Runtz you make sure to like Gelato.

Pineapple Express

pineapple express marijuana strain
Pineapple Express. (Leafly)

Pineapple Express is another oddball uncovered by our research study. Come down from traditional pressures Trainwreck and Hawaiian, this stress’s family tree does not come anywhere near Runtz’s. Both have caryophyllene and limonene as dominant terpenes, with comparable levels of THC, however Pineapple Express has simply a bit of myrcene and a bit of the cannabinoid CBG to blend things up.

Both pressures have a fruity taste, however Pineapple Express is more tropical, while Runtz is more grape and sweet.

As far as impacts go, Pineapple Express is understood for its high energy, performance, and imagination. So if Runtz is a little too mellow for you, possibly attempt some Pineapple Express.

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