A Barney’s Farm Pressure Story ‘Shiskaberry’ Words By G.B.I.

Undoubtfully a must-grow for the die-hard indica enthusiast The Doc! He would have taken her “blindly”, however was obviously loaded with interest and notified himself ahead of time about the attributes of this range sounding so appealing.

The Barney’s breeder have actually put a great deal of work into its advancement and reproduced it for many years till complete satisfaction. On the mom’s side, there’s an old associate– the superb fruit stress timeless Blueberry.

Shiskaberry’s daddy means down-to-earth toughness and dependability, it’s a timeless old-school Afghani. Hybridising these 2 led to an effective indica plant with above-average inside your home yields (500-600g/ m2) produced within a relatively brief blooming duration of 7-8 weeks. Outdoors it works extremely well, too, thanks to a quite early finishing time under natural light in the 3rd to 4th week of September. Another plus element for both outdoors and inside your home, Shiskaberry’s mould resistance is ranked at 4 on a scale to 5, i.e. great.

Although being a rather brief stature range, with a prolonged vegetable phase it’s got a spectacular outside yield capacity of approximately 1.5-2kg per plant. Another strength depends on its extreme pungent scent that charms the olfactory and gustatory sense with an earthy sweet berry character. When it comes to the result, Barney’s announces that Shiskaberry raises the user onto a meditative philosophic spiritual level, “submersing him in a much deeper measurement of pleasure and insight”. So deep relaxation and joy is on the program– “who would not desire that?”, a smiling Dockie stated loaded with pleased anticipation.

According to Barney’s, Shiskaberry is an extremely simple grow space buddy with a trouble level ranked at 1, „ easy-peasy”, as they state in California. Well, for the extremely skilled master grower The Doc things do not always require to be simple, however obviously he does not mind growing straightforward stress also. Simply as anticipated, the 2 feminised seeds planted aced germination, standing directly above the surface area after 3 days. Due to their greatly indica dominant nature, The Doc provided his 2 Shiskaberry plants a veggie time of 5 weeks.

Which they truly required as they grew incredibly tight-noded, developing into ultra-compact bushes with dark green large foliage. “One can not translucent them a single millimetre, as super-dense and multi-branched as they are”, reported The Doc at the end of the veggie phase, “these 2 plants exist themselves externally as some consistent full-blooded indicas with low heights of 29 and 33 cm.

However through extending whilst blooming, definitely more light will reach the side branches and motivate rich bud development. To furthermore support this, I have actually eliminated a few of the huge shade leaves. Not excessive obviously given that they include a great deal of takes in crucial for the energy spending plan of the plants.”

Throughout the very first 4 weeks of blooming, the 2 Shiskaberries extended decently, undoubtedly, so that that their canopy ended up being more open and those numerous flower developments might establish superbly. Usually round chubby indica buds emerged and progressively swelled out over the weeks, with resin actually leaking out of them, so highly the Shiskaberry calyxes and flower leaves, consisting of huge ones, were soaked in trichomes, it was one scintillating phenomenon.

From The Doc’s grow journal: “This is first-class indica flower quality in the purest of kinds! Nearly even higher than taking a look at these buds though is smelling them– since the scent they’re radiating is merely amazing: As if one gathered berries on a forest cleaning, with the sun shining after rain, making the earthy spiciness of the wet forest soil rise in the air, combining with a sweet and somewhat tart berry aroma into a heavy hearty scent.

After exactly 56 days, at the very end of the finishing time specified by Barney’s, the 2 Shiskaberries were completely mature, enabling The Doc to gain his harvest, “to select some genuine fat canna-berries”, as he laughed. One plant stood 59 cm high in the end and the other one 72 cm, due to more powerful branch elongation. When once again The Doc got a huge surprise when he weighed the buds a couple of weeks later on as the 2 Shiskaberry specimens simply scraped past the 100-grams-per-plant-mark, yielding 198 grams entirely.

Commented The Doc, “in view of their stocky size I had actually been tricked here, however that huge density and granite-like solidness of the buds ultimately provided a damn huge harvest, hooray!” The arrangement had actually furthermore acquired a tasty sweet note of honey over the drying procedure which together with the still present earthiness and berryness produced a bewitching berrylicious aroma experience.

That bewitching aroma equated into a similarly bewitching taste when The Doc tested Shiskaberry for the very first time: When the vapour out of his Mighty vaporizer wafted into his mouth, all palate indicated “this is berry-sweet spiciness to the max!” This full-mouth flavour likewise stuck around on the taste buds long. “What a tasty reward, even completely cost of calories!”, The Doc joked. As quickly as after 2 large drafts of vapour, it felt as if an enjoyable physical heat was developing deep inside, streaming into his limbs and making them lithe and unwinded. All at once his head went through a mild THC massage that appeared to put a cushioning veil around it, keeping away any unfavorable ideas and putting him in a state of joyous material and deep relaxation.

Whether it was because of the truth that Barney’s had actually discussed “a much deeper measurement of pleasure and insight” or not– getting high on Shiskaberry truly caused self-questioning and reflection, leaving The Doc with a sensation of being at peace with himself and the world. Over 2 hours he was resting on a huge pillow like a grey-haired buddha whose heart was beating– a minimum of viewed– as sluggish as a blue whale’s one.

In conclusion, he stated “Shiskaberry is a real champ stress right out of the indica photo book! She has actually shown to be terrific in any element, with an outstanding development and flower efficiency, fat yields, a cute flavour and a meditative joy result that treats mind and body. This plant handled to make my indica heart leap up!

Genes Shiskaberry (Blueberry x Afghan)
Vegetative phase 5 weeks (after germination)
Blooming phase 56 days/ 49-56 days in basic
Medium Plagron Grow Mix soil, 11 litre pots
pH 6.2-6.6
EC 1.2– 1.8 mS
Light approximately 12 x SANlight S4W = 1680 watts
Temperature Level 19-28 ° C
Air humidity 40-60%
Watering by hand
Fertilisation Organic Blossom Liquid from Green Buzz Liquids
Additives/stimulants Living Organics, More Roots, Humin Säure Plus, Big Fruits, Quick Buds and Tidy Fruits from Green Buzz Liquids
Tools CleanLight Pro for mould avoidance
Height 59 + 72 cm
Yield together, 198 grams

Released and Composed by Barney’s Farm, Green Born Identity– G.B.I. in Weed World Publication Concern 148


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