advantages of marijuana?

( Speaking personally):


It truly assists trigger the parasympathetic nerve system. I have persistent stress and anxiety and I utilize it two times a week and for a number of days later on my stress and anxiety is minimized, I findI do much better with indicas. I practice shouting Tibetan mantras and the dopamine impact from a spiritual practice makes the experience truly extreme.

It opens tight muscles and ease persistent discomfort I obtain from riding a desk for the last twenty years.

I’m a long-lasting problem drinker and alcohol now holds no appeal

Also I’m a compulsive eater which impulse turns off like a switch (I comprehend lots of people shovel it in when high however similar to alcohol I seem like the pot in some way acts upon compulsive habits)

I deal with irritation and in some cases being overtaken myself and a little bit mean. When high I seem like I’m smacked in the confront with just how much I enjoy my household and feel inspired towards higher compassion to others.


My guideline for stress and anxiety is that if your at a 1-6 getting high tends to assist you loosen up, nevertheless if you are presently in crisis like at a 7-10 for me pot is a genuine bad concept and a number of times has actually assisted sustain a truly long and uneasy anxiety attack.

Once again this breaks the standard however I seem like all pot for me (even indicas) is quite promoting and if I include on after about 5:00 PM I’m most likely to get to sleep genuine late and a sleep deficit is my primary trigger for my psychological health concerns.

In between how reliable it is with stress and anxiety and how quick you can construct a tolerance It’s simple to see how it’s prospective for dependence is no joke so for me that takes continuous watchfulness and my individual option is attempting to remain stringent about the not more than two times a week guideline.

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