Is Ecstasy the Perfect Cannabis Stress – CBD and THC in Equal Balance?

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The world of cannabis growing has actually grown substantially from simply Sativa and Indica pressures. New hybrid cannabis pressures have actually opened numerous cannabis users to a brand-new world of experience. Hybrid pressures are an excellent enhancement from their moms and dad sources, and most of them use cannabis users a special blissful experience. In this short article, I’ll be diving deep into among the distinct hybrid cannabis pressures on the marketplace called bliss. This stress has actually been explained by specialists as the best mix of CBD and THC; therefore providing users the best experience of bliss, relaxation, and deep relief. Continue reading to learn all that there is to learn about bliss!

A Comprehensive Analysis of Ecstasy

This is a special cannabis stress that reveals the impact of synergy in between CBD and THC. Both cannabinoids exist in bliss in a 1:1 ratio that makes for an excellent mix of the results experienced. THC provides the required energy increase that affects the high while CBD matches the impact of THC by providing calmness and relaxation of the mind. The outcome of this is an experience that requires the very best of both worlds.

This hybrid stress is an Indica-dominant stress with a mix of quality Sativa and Indica residential or commercial properties. These residential or commercial properties are displayed in the development patterns of the plant and physical attributes. Hybrids assist the user to delight in the advantages of two-parent types in one and with bliss, you get this and more. Ecstasy applies for both leisure and medical users depending upon what they are searching for.

To totally comprehend Ecstasy, let’s simplify into 4 essential classifications

Hereditary history of the plant

Growing pattern


Taste and scent.

Hereditary history

Ecstasy is the item of 2 distinct moms and dad pressures called Shark Shock and Royal Mock. Both moms and dads are popular for their distinct attributes in regards to profile and genes. Royal Mock has an excellent structure of helpful cannabinoids which provides it great results. It is likewise a preferable stress to grow since it triggers an excellent yield that makes it a preferred amongst growers. Shark Shock is a famous stress given that the 1900s that is simple to grow and has an excellent structure of cannabinoids too.

Ecstasy is Indica-dominant since it has 20% Sativa attributes and 80% Indica attributes. This makes the stress show numerous Indica attributes throughout the growing phase and in regards to results. This is likewise affected by the 1:1 CBD and THC ratio which provides a substantial entourage impact. This ratio in between the cannabinoids paired with the Indica-dominant results makes the stress extremely distinct. The plant has an excellent yield and growing pattern therefore making its growing extremely uncomplicated and financially helpful.


When it concerns growing bliss, there are easy things to keep an eye out for and keep in mind of. Ecstasy is an example of an useful plant that can be grown anywhere since of its strength and strength. It is a really versatile plant that can be grown in various kinds of ecological conditions. This is because of the resistant attributes acquired from the moms and dad pressures. Ecstasy can quickly be grown inside your home or outdoors with small distinctions in the yield from both.

When grown inside your home, bliss can grow as high as 60-100cm. Ecstasy is not a really big plant and at this height when grown inside your home, there is no threat of overcrowding. Within a duration of 8 weeks, the plant grown indoor provides a return within 450-500g/ m2. When grown outdoors, bliss can grow as high as 120-180cm which is a substantial distinction from when it is grown inside your home. With some moderate pruning and LST approaches, outside bliss can provide returns in between 8 and 9 weeks. These returns can increase to 450-500gr/ plant.

Throughout growing, bliss is extremely simple to look after as just a very little level of pruning is needed. The stress has a stunning outlook throughout the blooming phase. A purple color covers the plant as it approaches maturity while the buds end up being denser with trichomes. The plant is not bushy so it does not overcrowd the grow location making it extremely simple to preserve.


The results of bliss are mainly moderated by the 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC present in the stress. The stress has 9% of THC which triggers blissful attributes however this is accompanied by the results ofCBD CBD stabilizes the blissful results of THC by providing relaxation and balance to the mind. This impact of CBD likewise continues long after the blissful results of THC have actually diminished making it perfect for relaxation.

Ecstasy has helpful results ideal both for the day and night. Throughout the day, bliss provides an alert mind efficient in being active throughout the day at an optimal level. During the night, bliss assists to eliminate disruptions that might cloud the mind and develops a platform for quality sleep. The results of CBD that continue long after the impact of THC have actually diminished enhance the quality of sleep and can aid with sleeping disorders. The mix of the THC and CBD results in Ecstasy is extremely distinct making it a really unique stress.

Taste and scent

The results of taste and scent in cannabis pressures depends upon the structure of terpenes and flavonoids. Ecstasy originates from two-parent pressures with a really strong deposition of terpenes and cannabinoids. This provides a sweet and sweet berry feel to the stress that is the appeal of numerous. Ecstasy has a really outstanding scent that makes the cigarette smoking or vaping experience more satisfying.

The berry scent of bliss is among the preliminary attributes that draw in most of users. It provides a specific kind of calming feel while you delight in the high that originates from the smoke.


When it concerns bliss, the charm of the synergy in between CBD and THC is made bare for all to see and delight in. The stress takes full advantage of the extreme energy improves that stimulates on the blissful high of THC and mixes it with the calm that includes the relaxing sensation ofCBD It must likewise be kept in mind that Ecstasy can be delighted in easily without the threat of overdosing since it’s THC level is not too expensive to trigger an overdose.




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