Marion Process Solutions Attains Patent Pending Status for TXM System

CHICAGOCannabis processors looking for quality terpene extract have actually long been challenged by method obstructions, irregular outcomes and scaling concerns.

Marion Process Solutions of Marion, IA, and ABM Devices of Vancouver, WA, have actually fixed these concerns with an ingenious style that is the market’s only processing system to utilize both microwave drying and agitation strategies. Marion revealed today that it has actually accomplished patent pending status on the innovation, which produces clear, wide-spectrum terpene oil without color-changing impurities. The technique lastly resolves the issue of trustworthy, affordable and high throughput terpene extraction that even exceeds the very best CO2 approaches being utilized.


The brand-new system, TXM (Terp Xtract Master) Series &#x 2122;, is especially ground-breaking for processors due to the fact that it produces clear liquid in a solvent-free environment. Early recognition reveals that the TXM Series innovation yields a terpene profile that carefully matches the initial plant profile.

Cannabis and hemp manufacturers have actually worked for years without success to produce clear, extremely matched terpene extracts at a premium level, to operate as extra earnings streams for growers, processors and merchants.

” What we have actually had the ability to accomplish is an effective improvement in terpene extraction innovation that addresses the market’s mission for impurity-free, solvent-free clear oils,” stated ABM Devices Owner Jeff Walling.

Marion’s Advancement Lead, Jay Bonefas, included, “By constructing a service around our field-proven Marion WaveMix &#x 2122; microwave drying and agitation innovation, enhanced particularly for the cannabis market, we’re lastly able to open the marketplace capacity for this crucial cannabis/hemp item classification.”

While previous services utilized solvents to draw in the terpenes that then needed post-processing actions for elimination, the TXM Series counts on microwave drying innovation to vaporize the water inside the plant product which serves as a car for terpene elimination. The resulting terpenes then get in a condenser “cold trap” system incorporated into the system.

Marion screening of hemp samples yielded Certificates of Analysis (COA) to validate that the procedure maintains extractable cannabinoids in the plant product after getting rid of the terpenes, increasing the overall worth of the product. This approach is well fit to deterpenate “fresh frozen” product given that it uses the water in the plant whereas other strategies need drying the product prior to extraction.

In addition to solvent-free pureness, the TXM Series’ microwave innovation makes it possible for a lower operating expense in the United States than alternative gas-generated heat steam extraction systems and services that need extra solvents or CO2 expenses. In addition, the TXM Series uses consumers 98% more fast throughput as it has the ability to complete dry product in the exact same vessel, for an even more scalable option– drying 1.5 pounds of products in 45 minutes, versus the 2 days it would require to hang dry.

The TXM Series is supported in the field by ABM Devices. With almost 20 processing devices services and numerous active systems, ABM is among the market’s leading integrators and offers 24/7 service in assistance of their unique customers.

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