Utah guy provided governmental pardon swears to continue defend release of others in jail

Weldon Angelos was currently a complimentary guy when President Donald Trump approved him a pardon, erasing the conviction that landed him a 55-year jail sentence of which he served 13 years. Still, the news felt life-altering.

” I was really psychological to put whatever that occurred to me in the past,” he stated.

Angelos stated he can lastly shed “the ‘F’ word” from his life. Being a felon, he stated, typically keeps you from getting tasks and even loans for a home.

I no longer need to bring that problem. I’m not branded a felon any longer,” he stated.

It was Sen. Mike Lee who broke the news to Angelos in a call. Lee has actually been among his most significant supporters.

Previous Utah Judge Paul Cassell, who sentenced Angelos in 2004, was the very first supporter for his release, revealing remorse over the obligatory minimum sentence from the start.

Angelos offered marijuana to an undercover officer in Utah. He had weapons, although they were not utilized to devote a criminal offense. He feels that, in addition to the truth that he was a hip-hop artist on the edge of making a record, made him a target for prosecution.

On hearing of the pardon, Cassell stated:

President Trump’s pardon cleans the slate tidy and suggests that Mr. Angelos is now devoid of any restraints that came from his previous conviction. It has actually been terrific to enjoy from far away as Mr. Angelos has actually turned his life around and moved on in a favorable method to attempt to assist others.”

After supporters and a judicial order protected his release from jail in 2016, Angelos right away started informing his story openly and promoting for a modification in obligatory sentencing laws that he calls “oppressive” for offering severe penalties to individuals who devote non-violent criminal activities, typically connected to drugs.

He’s promoted for popular performers and lower recognized individuals like Ricardo Montes, the California marijuana dispensary owner who was founded guilty for running a criminal business, then had his 20-year sentence travelled by President Barack Obama.

Angelos stated it is necessary to eliminate for celebs since they assist clarify the systemic issues that unjustly send out countless individuals to jail.

Angelos has actually been to the White Home to promote. He becomes part of a broad union of criminal justice reform supporters, is making a documentary, and runs a charity.

He’s appreciative to President Trump, Lee and Cassell for their assistance.

He states the work to reform the justice system is taking place, although gradually. Numerous legislators are still reluctant to embrace proposed reforms since they fear reaction if individuals who are launched reoffend.

Angelos states the majority of the wrongdoers who supporters are defending are individuals who have actually been vetted and who need to be vetted by judges. There is no proof that if they are vetted effectively, they will reoffend, he stated.

” Most of individuals who get a 2nd possibility go on to live crime-free lives,” he stated.

He’s constantly regreted that 13 years in jail kept him from his household– including his 2 kids, who are now grownups. He likewise lost his music profession.

Still, he does not recall. He invests as much time as he can with his household now, and he is engaged to be wed.

Whatever that occurred to me is sort of a true blessing. It’s provided me a distinct platform that permits me to assist countless other individuals,” he stated.


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