How to Rapidly Dry a Bud for Tasting: What’s Next After Flowering

How to Quickly Dry a Bud for Sampling

Growing weed appears like a simple job in the beginning however there’s rather the difficulty to it when you take a look at the information. The procedure of growing marijuana does not merely end at the blooming phase– it in fact requires to be dried and processed prior to you can smoke it up! There’s a great deal of effort that goes behind every phase and the real effort starts as soon as the blooming stage ends. In this post, we take a closer take a look at what’s next after blooming– how to rapidly dry a bud for tasting, what are the procedures of treating and collecting, and so on

Our main focus here is going to be on drying the buds, however we will likewise take an in-depth take a look at 2 other procedures which take place together with the drying procedure– the harvesting and treating of buds as these 3 are necessary for each grower to understand! Specialist scale growers would usually work with experienced personnel when their blooming stage pertains to an end, as these are individuals who focus on treating, cutting, drying, processing, and collecting the buds. Nevertheless, when you do it on a little scale, you are doing whatever on your own! We hope that by the time you reach completion of this post, you will understand what all these terms imply and get a standard concept about how to dry your buds, and what to do after the blooming stage is over.

Nevertheless, prior to we continue with all of this conversation, it is vital to comprehend the terms. We will dive directly into that, however here’s a fast wrap-up of how to reach the blooming phase: you begin growing your weed in the seed phase, from where it starts to sprout and after that grows into the seedling stage. In this stage, you’ll require to offer a great deal of blue lighting and permit the plant to grow taller and leafier. As it grows into an entity of its own it goes into the vegetative stage, where a a great deal of leaves start to appear and the stem ends up being strong. Post that, the pre-flowering stage shows up where buds start to appear and the sex of the plant emerges, and when the lighting is decreased to 12 hours, it is set off to get in the blooming stage when the flowers lastly start to appear!

All of these phases take 10-12 weeks depending upon the stress of the marijuana plant that you are growing and whether it is an auto-flowering plant or a routine one, and so on. Nevertheless, the huge concern that we take on here is: what after blooming? Now that you have actually reached the last stage of growing your plant, you will require to gather it, and after that there are some more actions that are to be followed. Here’s a description of all these terms that we discussed above:

What’s Next After Blooming: Comprehending Harvesting, Drying, and Treating

As soon as your plants have actually reached the blooming stage, you will require to start with the procedure of harvesting. The collecting stage includes numerous stages–

This is the post-flowering procedure that requires to be looked after. Let us have a look at each of these terms in a higher information:

  • Flushing: Flushing is where harvesting begins at! As soon as you have actually chosen the time for harvest, about a week or 10 days prior to the real date, you stop offering all additional nutrients and feed the plants just water (pH stabilized). This guarantees that any nutrients which have actually stayed transferred in the body of the plant are taken in by the plant as you will not be offering any additional dosages. Besides, a supply of simply water guarantees that completion item is ‘purer’ and devoid of any additional chemicals/nutrients.
  • Collecting: When we discuss ‘collecting’ here, we imply the real act of cutting your weed. This is to be done by getting rid of the bigger fan leaves initially. As soon as that is done, you can start cutting the branches and the kolas. After you have actually eliminated the fan leaves and the branches, you can then continue to eliminate the smaller sized leaves from the branches till just the flowers are left. A sharp set of shears is to be utilized when doing this so that you get exact cuts which you can do it with a higher effectiveness than routine garden scissors.
  • Drying: Drying the buds is the next huge thing and the core subject of this post. Each of the branches that you have actually separated requirements to be hung separately and likewise ensure that there suffices space in between all of them. Guarantee that there suffices air blood circulation in the space where you are intending on drying your weed. You may likewise wish to include a little heat to the space. Some growers, particularly those who want personal privacy, choose to dry their weed in ‘drying cabinets’. It is finest recommended to let the weed dry for a minimum of a week prior to taking it down.
  • Treating: The procedure of treating and cutting a bud is essentially that of making sure that all the additional leaves are gone, which the bud appears like what we view a bud to usually appear like. There are a variety of small particles that tend to adhere to the bud even after the drying and preliminary rounds of cutting. This is why the buds require to be manicured. Individuals who treat the buds at commercial levels are trained specialists who invest hours committed to this craft to ensure that the bud that they are cutting has an attractive outcome. They are likewise made to look sharper and pointier at the ends and less ‘hairy’. This is really an art kind!
  • Keeping: As soon as whatever is done, you require to save your buds in such a way that they are kept in airtight containers, however are enabled to ‘breathe’ or ‘burp’ two times a day for 5 minutes– this is a procedure that needs to be followed for the very first 2 weeks of your bud’s life process, after which it is all set to be taken in or delivered off!

How to Dry a Bud?

Up next is an in-depth take a look at how to dry a bud. For this, we presume that you are finished with the blooming stage, you have actually eliminated the big fan-leaves, and have actually separated the branches from the primary plant. Next, you will require to select a location in which you are going to dry your weed. We would presume, for the function of this post, that you are utilizing a space for that and not a cabinet. A space is easier and a a great deal of individuals choose to do it that method. The procedure would mainly be the very same for a cabinet (if you plant to do it that method), however would simply be reduced.

You will require to guarantee that the space in which you are growing weed is as dark as possible. Weed dries the very best in the lack of light. In addition to making sure correct lighting conditions (or the absence of), you will then require to ensure that the air flow is ideal. This is the most crucial element. The air flow requires to be superior and the space requires to be extremely airy. It is this air that will assist dry your plants one of the most. A space with numerous fans and exhaust systems would be a perfect setup.

In your grow space, established wires/ropes which range from wall to wall, and set wall mounts up on them. In each wall mount, have one to 2 branches awaiting a ‘U’ shape. Guarantee that there suffices range in between your branches so that the air can stream quickly. Likewise, ensure that the air circulation in the space remains in such a manner in which it is not focused ‘at’ the plants however streams ‘around’ them.

Another thing that you may require to guarantee is that there is no humidity in the space where you will be drying your weed. Damp air can in fact be detrimental to your efforts and it can either decrease the rate of drying or avoid that from taking place. We highly advise utilizing a dehumidifier if you take place to reside in a damp location. Apart from low humidity, you would likewise require heating devices. While space temperature level works simply great, having a heating devices will provide you an additional edge.

All of this requires to be provided for about a week, and examine the status of the buds every couple of hours every day. In our experience, it typically takes about 7 to 10 days for weed to dry appropriately. In many cases, nevertheless, it may even take as numerous as 2 weeks and even more so keep examining frequently. One last little bit of guidance would be to never ever attempt and eliminate the buds from the drying procedure prior to a minimum of 4 days which is when they end up being consumable (though not completely pleasurable).

How to Rapidly Dry a Bud for Tasting?

The huge concern is– what to do if you remain in a rush? There are some approaches which are bound to get fast outcomes. While they are not even from another location reliable as the great ol full-length drying procedure, they are certainly extremely practical for tasting functions. Keep in mind that this can not be done on a massive and just a little bud or 2 can be quick-dried utilizing these approaches. Even then it will not be as great as it would otherwise be, however for factors of tasting, this is an appropriate approach to utilize.

Here’s a glance at some pointers that you can carry out to get your weed to dry rapidly so that you might sample it immediately–

  • Microwaving the Bud:

Among the very best and the quickest of methods to dry a bud is to microwave it. Set the oven at about 125F, let the bud remain in there for 5 minutes, then take it out, turn it around and do it once again for 5 minutes. If you are pleased it is all set, if you are not, you may wish to duplicate it a number of times. We highly recommend to do this with the utmost security as heating utilizing electronic devices may run the risk of in fire-related accidents.

  • Fan and Paper Bags:

Keep a bud in a brown paper bag and hang it horizontally in a windy veranda. Make certain that it is open from the mouth however not a lot that the weed might fall off. If done right, this will assist you dry the bud in simply 2 to 3 days (you may wish to microwave it publish that to get an even much better result). This is a quick-dry approach for tasting functions and may not yield ‘optimum’ outcomes.

  • Sunshine:

Finally, this is the natural old-fashioned approach. Unlike indoor growing where you turn the lights off, here you would rely on the earth’s yellow sun to cast all its heat upon your weed and to turn it dry. If you are residing in a location which is naturally blessed with great deals of sunshine and heat this may simply get the job done for you in 2 to 3 days. Many growers prevent this due to the fact that they do not wish to expose their weed to outdoors or to the general public view. Besides you likewise require to secure it from any roaming animals/pests/birds, along with from rain and other components of nature.

Drying Tips: Things You Need To Make Sure While Drying Your Marijuana Buds

Finally, prior to we head into the often asked concerns and the conclusion, here’s a take a look at some things that you require to think about while drying your marijuana buds:

  • Keep humidity to very little– This is a really crucial aspect that you need to constantly remember. If you are growing your weed in a location that has a high humidity naturally, you will require to ensure that you are establishing a strong dehumidifier to counter that. This is due to the fact that the entire function of drying your weed is to keep it far from humidity and wetness. The existence of additional humidity in the air would keep your buds moist although the air attempts to dry it.
  • Offer additional heat if required– In a frustrating bulk of the cases, you will be okay drying your weed in space temperature level. Nevertheless, there are some locations where you will require to utilize a heating unit to offer some additional heat. Utilizing a heating unit to crank up the temperature level is just going to benefit you– however while doing this ensure that humidity levels are likewise preserved. Additional heat will assist you dry up your buds quicker than they would do under regular space conditions.
  • Guarantee all lights are off– Lights are harmful to the drying procedure and as a practice utilized worldwide, the majority of growers tend to shut off all lights when they are drying their bud. These plants require to ‘cool off’ and the existence of light will just put in more pressure on to them. For this reason, to ensure that your plants are drying up quicker, keep all the lights off.
  • Guarantee correct air flow– Extremely crucial! Make certain that there is a great deal of air flow in the space. There requires to be a mix of pedestal fans, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and rotating fans if you are growing at a commercial scale. At a little scale setup, simply a routine ceiling fan would likewise suffice for the majority of growers. Nevertheless, guarantee that fresh air is streaming into your space while you dry your plants.
  • Guarantee distancing in between branches– Another thing that you require to remember is that even here you will be needed to follow correct social distancing. If you keep these branches hanging near each other there will not suffice area for the air to stream through and to dry the buds. The more spaced out they are while you hang them to dry, the quicker they will dry. This is a typical concept you ‘d follow even when drying your clothing on a clothesline!
  • Provide it time– Last however not the least, be client and provide it a great deal of time! Your plants require a fair bit of time to dry. You have actually waited all these months to patiently grow them to produce the very best and the finest of buds. You can wait a couple of more days to permit it to dry appropriately so that you get an excellent experience while you smoke them! Likewise, note that a fresh bud will constantly be a little damp even after it has actually completely dried– that is in fact the indication of a healthy bud.

Often Asked Concerns about Drying Marijuana Buds

Here are the responses to a few of the most typical and often asked concerns about drying your marijuana buds that you require to understand. We have actually looked at these responses and put them together under this area for your ease and referral.

1. The length of time should I dry my buds for?

Well, the real response to this concern is– dry your buds for as long as it considers them to get dry! This is a procedure which typically takes anywhere in between a week to 2 weeks depending upon the environment and the air around the buds, however as a guideline of thumb, never ever take them off the drying cabinet/room prior to 4 days. This is the extremely least that you need to remember while drying your buds.

2. Does weed odor when you dry it?

Yes! This is another thing that needs to be understood by the growers in advance. When you are growing your weed, it smells a fair bit, however the odor peaks when you are drying it. It is at this time that your whole space and even the environments may stink of weed. It is finest recommended that you utilize some strong carbon filters in your drying cabinets and drying spaces so that they trap all the odor. The odor can be rather strong– and the more branches there are to dry the more powerful this odor would be!

3. What is a drying cabinet and how to make it?

A drying cabinet is essentially a confined structure that has sufficient area to hang your cut branches and enough air flow. This can be developed utilizing any cardboard box by lining it with black paper and having ducts and fans suited it. This guarantees that you can have a safe area to dry your buds without them inhabiting your space and showing up. This likewise assists include the odor to a smaller sized location so that the carbon filter can have ease in trapping the odor.

4. Is it mandatory to treat and cut your bud after you’ve dried it?

If you are a commercial grower who prepares to offer his weed, this is something that you need to do. Nevertheless, if you prepare to utilize it for individual intake you require to make some little trimmings so that any debris/mud/sticks/ branches stuck on the bud are gone however you will not always require to form the buds and make them look nice (unless you actually wish to).


We hope that by the time you have actually reached the conclusion of this post, you understand whatever about the post-flowering phases, consisting of however not restricted to harvesting, drying, treating, and saving. Nevertheless, the main function of this post was to notify you about 2 things: to start with, how to dry your buds, and second of all, how to dry your buds in a ‘quicker’ method so that you can take them for tasting straightaway! We have actually exceeded and beyond the routine responses to offer you with a three-sixty degree image of whatever around drying and we hope that this post assists you in drying your weed in the very best method possible! If there are anymore concerns, do not hesitate to send us a mail or let us understand in the remarks listed below and we will return to you quickly! Till then …

… Pleased Growing! &#x 1f642;


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