How marijuana legalization in Arizona impacts med card holders

The rollout of leisure marijuana has actually been a little rough for those with medical marijuana cards, and some market leaders think those who utilize cannabis for medical functions must continue paying charges to keep their cards in spite of legalization.

The long lines beyond dispensaries considering that Friday have actually ended up being a problem for some Arizona medical marijuana card holders.

” It should not take me 3 hours,” stated Mesa resident Kenny Mac. “There must be something various for the medical men and the routine men. There’s expected to be, isn’t there?”

Mac’s issues about legalization have actually been shared by others who utilize marijuana clinically.

Jon Udell with the Arizona chapter of the National Company to Reform Marijuana Laws states the lines are a problem that will improve in time, however he blames the present long haul times on regulations that limit the size of a dispensary’s footprint.

” They restrict the size a dispensary can be, and they truly intensify the issues that clients are confronting with lines,” Udell stated.

After citizens passed Prop 207, the state’s Department of Health Solutions permitted more than 80 dispensaries to offer leisure marijuana.

LIST: Companies in Arizona authorized to offer leisure marijuana

FOX 10 has actually heard problems about the expense of medical marijuana cards that leisure users do not need to pay.

” Why am I paying additional money for my things and not getting anything additional out of it?” Kenny Mac stated.

In between the application charge and medical professional’s visit, a 2-year license can cost approximately $300. Nevertheless, clients do not need to pay the 16% state sales tax.

A client would require to invest more than $1,875 over 2 years to recover cost on sales tax cost savings.

” If you’re an everyday customer overtime, it’s most likely going to remain in your benefit to prevent the taxes,” stated Jon Udell.

Udell, who likewise works as a cannabis lawyer, states the most vital part of keeping a card in spite of legalization is the defense a card offers from the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

” If you’re a signed up, certified client with a medical marijuana card, your company can not end you for your marijuana intake off responsibility unless if you’re operating in a safety-sensitive position,” stated Udell.

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